My name is Hayden – and I am an artist. Well, I say artist but it’s more like “aspiring” artist. My passion is to create things that will one day be worth something and that I can one day substitute as my sole income. For now, I am working away at nights creating artworks and looking for my ‘big break’. When I created the A Fresh Spirit Artwork blog, my vision was to share with the world any kind of content that I find inspiring.

Please take the time to read around the site and to be inspired with me. From time to time I will also post articles and links to interesting products that I find around the web – I am a big supporter of natural medicine and alternative therapies and if I can find something that I believe could be a benefit to my small band of followers, I will be sure to post it for them to see.

If you’d like to get in touch with me – please fill out the form bellow. I’m also on the look out for other contributors and collaborators to help me in my quest of delivering inspiring artwork to the masses!