Kuya’s Garlic Egg Yolk: Millet Rice Sanvism

Yuyuya’s garlic egg yolk is packed in a soft capsule with high hermeticity, using garlic and fertilized eggs from Aomori Prefecture. Although it tends to be bothered by scent of garlic by all means, since it is in a soft capsule, even if it drinks it smells at all. You can continue drinking without worrying about the surroundings. I have drunk some samples, but I do not have that smell that is peculiar to garlic.

Of course, you can go out after drinking. Garlic is used in various dishes regardless of Japanese or Western style. Of course, I think that the point that emphasizes fragrance is big, but it is a food that existed since long ago, and there are many dishes from long ago. Personally, I think that it has been used for a long time not only because fragrance is useful, but also because of its garlic nutrients. Garlic contains a lot of nutrients of vitamins and minerals, and it contains nutrients necessary for the body. It promotes fatigue recovery, bactericidal action, thrombus prevention effect, arteriosclerosis prevention, cancer prevention, tonic effect, and bowel movement, so constipation is improved, it also leads to skin roughness and diet effect.

It is said that garlic is effective when ingested with egg yolk. “Allicin” contained in garlic will combine with the egg yolk triglyceride, which will decompose bad cholesterol, increase the amount of good cholesterol, and will work more effectively in the body. Looking at impressions of people actually drinking, reviewing reviews, etc. often see the opinion that “Awakening has improved”. “It has become more difficult to catch a cold.” I think that it is a perfect supplement to those who understand the nutrients and their effects of garlic, but those who do not like to eat frequently as they are concerned about the smell, or who are not good at garlic.

Of course, it is fundamental to improve your usual diet and it is important, but still I think that ingesting Kuya’s garlic egg yolk as its adjutant is no problem, rather it is rather a good trend .

Also, although it is one of the noteworthy things that smells are not at all interesting, there seems to be a way of intake such as to crush the capsules and taste them … (lol)