Kuzuya’s incense vinegar: millet rice

In the first place, it is a kind of traditional vinegar made in China, the feeling I saw is similar to Japanese “black vinegar”. It is the same grain vinegar, but these two are completely different things. What is different about the first, the contained amino acid content. Black vinegar also contains more amino acids than common grain vinegar, but it is more than it. It is said to be three times that of black vinegar and ten times that of grain vinegar.

Amino acids are essential and important nutrients for the body, but among them, because it contains both anti-obesity amino acids that suppress absorption of fat and fat-burning amino acids that promote fat burning, it is effective for dieting That’s why.

Well, although it is Kuzuya’s fragrance vinegar, this feature is at the point where the ingredients of the fragrance vinegar are packed in a capsule with Gyugyut as it is. There is an image that drinks the fragrant vinegar as it is when you take the scented vinegar, but because the Kazuya’s scented vinegar is a capsule, it is characterized by being able to take it without difficulty even by those who are not good at vinegar.

Also, since amino acids are effective not only for the recent topical metabolic syndrome, hypertension, diabetes prevention, but also for stiffness, coldness and constipation elimination, it is ideal to take it not only for diet but also for maintaining health every day . Although it is ideal to ingest the nutrients necessary for the body with a daily diet, even if you know that vinegar is good for health and diet, it is still a bit difficult.

Of course, if you were drinking Kaguya ‘s coconut vinegar, that’ s okay! Rather than being aware of the nutritional balance of everyday dietary habits, of course, it is natural to be careful, but I think that it would be good if you could take a balanced diet and dietary supplement as its supplement .

The price is also very affordable, you can purchase enough enough to refrain from drinking can coffee everyday. Since it is effective only if it keeps everyday, besides being easy to drink, it is also helpful that the price is cheap. It is also a capsule, so it is also attractive to carry on handy.