Millet rice is nutritious and delicious!

Something you may not have thought of!

The nutritional balance of millet rice is also attractive, but it looks like red and purple, and green and yellow etc is also good. Mixing it with white rice makes you feel rich and fun. Also, there are many fans of texture and taste such as elasticity and bubble wrap feeling.

Millet rice is characterized not only in nutritional ingredients, in texture, but also in taste and efficacy. Nutritional balance and texture vary depending on the type of grain that is mixed in millet rice. Knowing the nutritional components and efficacy etc. of millet rice, it helps not only delicious meals but also lifestyle diseases and other diseases.

For grains to be blended into millet rice, barley · crack · horse · straw · rice · black rice · red rice · amaranthus · corn · soybeans · azuki · glutinous rice · haka · wheat · omega · rice cake · toasted · blue Body soybeans · · · etc. Miscellaneous cereal rice sold from each maker has its ingenuity in nutritional balance and texture, respectively.

Nutritional balance of millet rice

If you know the nutritional components and efficacy of millet rice, it will also help prevent lifestyle diseases. Why do not you study the nutritional elements of millet rice and eat health carefully about beauty and health?

In general grains mixed in millet rice are barley · rust · corn · straw · haired · rice · rice · red rice · amaranth · corn · soybean · azuki beans etc.

Barley is a grain that contains well-balanced dietary fiber and insoluble dietary fiber. There are 19 times more dietary fiber compared with white rice. Besides, calcium is about 3 times and potassium is about 2 times. Considering improvement of constipation etc, it is good to choose cereals with a lot of dietary fiber in the nutritional ingredients of millet rice. Other cereals with more dietary fiber are Amaranthus. It is about 15 times that of white rice.

When eating with emphasis on nutritional components of millet rice, it is good to purchase separately with consideration of efficacy and effect. When considering nutritional balance and taste, the product formulated by the manufacturer is the best.