My 5 Procreate Tips For Beginners

Procreate is sustaining imagination by providing a highly practical and accessible platform that is simple yet versatile. If you are looking for Procreate Tips For Beginners, you are at the right place.


Given that Procreate has something to provide to everyone, from professional illustrators to enthusiasts, here are a few pointers that will enable you to draw one of the most worth out of it.

1. Learn the Basic Gestures

Procreate simplifies several necessary functions by including gesture-controlled shortcuts. As a result, you will have more time to develop lovely styles instead of being stuck navigating the menu.


Here are a few default gesture manages that you need to master:

Zoom In Two-finger outwards pinching action
Zoom Out Two-finger inwards pinching action
Undo Two-finger screen tap
Continuous Undo Two-finger hold
Redo Three-finger screen tap
Continuous Redo Three-finger hold
Rotate Two-finger twisting action
Eye Dropper One-finger tap and hold
Erase Layer Three-finger wiggle
Normal Size Two-finger pinching until closed
Cut/ Copy/ Paste Three-finger down swipe
Full Screen Four-finger tap


Plus, Procreate enables you to individualize gesture control, which can even more streamline your flow. Go to Settings > Preferences > Gesture Controls to create your own shortcuts.


2. Prevent Your Hand From Getting in the Way

Because Procreate is mostly a touch-based app, the last thing you want is your hand to set off action or destroy your artwork while you are busy getting your imaginative juices flowing. Among the most useful Procreate Tips For Beginners would be to disable touch without losing gesture control!


Browse to Settings > Preferences > Gesture Controls > General and toggle on the switch next to “Disable Touch Actions” and tap on “Done.”.


Obviously, you can no longer utilize your fingers for creating designs, however everybody knows that a stylus offers higher control.


3. Get a Handle on Layers to Organise Your Composition.

Much like any creative application, Procreate allows you to arrange, organize, and maintain your illustrations in layers. You can utilize these layers to mask design components, display them in the foreground and background, replicate them, regulate opacity, and even blend your developments.


Name your layers to plainly describe their contents to quickly edit, browse, and arrange them, specifically when creating detailed illustrations. Procreate also allows you to group layers to make company easier.


4. Left-Handed Artists Rejoice

Left-handed people have constantly needed to bear the brunt of styles that are matched for right-handed users. With Procreate, it will no longer be an issue.


Procreate permits you to shift the sidebar tools on the right so that you can utilize your left hand to pick brushes or draw without breaking your circulation. Tap on Settings > Preferences and toggle the “Right-hand user interface” option, and voila, your user interface will suit your dominant hand.


5. Develop Perfect Shapes in One Go

Let’s face it, when you are taken control of by creativity, the last thing on your agenda is to ideal shapes or draw straight lines. Rather, you desire precise results without putting in excessive effort, and Procreate comprehends that. And for this reason, it uses a “Quickshape” feature that can adjust sizes and shapes right off the bat.


As the name suggests, Quickshape auto-corrects your design to get rid of asymmetry, shakiness, or lopsidedness in your creations. Enable it by heading over to Settings > Preferences > Gesture Controls > Quickshape. Then develop your style and continue holding the pencil down at the end of the stroke– your drawing will snap into shape!