Sprout of Yazuya Juvenile Cereal: Millet rice Sanvist

Although it can be seen in commercials and advertisements, Yuzuya’s sprouts 16 millets are blends of 16 kinds of domestic cereals, including vitamins and minerals that tend to be deficient in modern people, dietary fiber, etc., red rice, black rice etc. Polyphenols contained in the body can also supplement nutrients good for the body. It is easy to use, just put one bag of germination sixteen millet in 2 rice mixed sharpened.
It is attracting attention because it is troublesome and has no trouble and can easily ingest nutrients. I have also eaten, but it is plump and rich and delicious.

To be honest, before eating, I was worried that “Is it suitable only for Japanese food?” “I wonder what it would be like for any dish?”, But since there is no habit, there are not only Japanese dishes but also Western dishes and Chinese side dishes And curry and rice and poor cooking etc are okay. My favorite children like white rice. It is still nutritious balance that I want to be careful with my usual diet.
I am conscious, but I can not say that I am perfect. Even though I want to take good nutrients for my body, I get tired of spending too much time everyday.

Yes, it will be meaningless unless you keep on everyday.

So, easy to easily ingest the necessary nutrition for the body, sprouts of Yuzuya 16 grated mushrooms are just hit.

And it is effective also for a diet … First, the germination of sixteen millets is more frequent biting than white rice. Although it is not rigid, as the texture of rich texture increases, the number of natural bite increases. So, the satiating center will work soon, so your stomach will soon be full.

Also, germinated brown rice is said to have more basal metabolism than white rice. Basal metabolic rate is the minimum amount of energy required for human internal organs and organs to move, but of course, people with a large amount of basal metabolism will not consume the amount of calories consumed even if only sleeping .

In other words, even if you are living normally, calories are properly consumed. Germinated brown rice suppresses absorption of sugar and suppresses the rise of blood sugar value. Inhibiting sugar absorption means that the qualities are burned instead. In other words, the amount of basal metabolism rises, and it becomes a constitution which is easy to lose weight.

Of course, it also seems that you can expect quite a bit because it has the same effect on the sprouts of mild sprouts.